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Standards for Ceramic Fiber Blankets
Dec 14, 2018

Ceramic fiber blanket is widely used in our life, so in order to let you better use it, we need to have a special understanding of it when we use it. Today, Xiaobian brings you some knowledge of quality standards. I hope you can help.

1. The thickness of ceramic fiber blanket brick lining must meet the requirements.

2. After thickness measurement, length and width measurement, nine measuring points are marked according to the graphic position. The disc of the needle thickness gauge is gently laid flat on the sample, so that the disc hole is aligned with the measuring point, and the needle tip of the cursor is downward, carefully inserted into the disc hole. When the needle tip contacts the sample, the cursor is pressed lightly to read the thickness after the needle tip touches the glass plate through the sample.

3. Its Al2O3 content is not less than 45%.

4. Ceramic fiber blanket should be laid out before laying. The bonding layer should be firm and the gap should be staggered.

5. After the product is finished, a surface finishing is carried out. The uneven areas should be smoothed by pressing board, and the large cracks should be cut and repaired with ceramic fiber products tiles to make the surface smooth and tight.

6. Each coating must be applied in two rounds to ensure that the thickness and thickness of the protective layer of the ceramic fiber blanket are uniform.

7. It should conform to the GB3003-3008-82 standard.

When we manufacture ceramic fiber blankets, we need to pay special attention to the strict operation in accordance with the prescribed procedures, so we can better play the benefits of this product when we use it, so we hope that we can better understand our products after we have a certain understanding of its quality standards.

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