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Selection of refractory bricks for tapping of mine furnace
Dec 20, 2018

In addition to the self-baked carbon block and the pre-baked electric furnace carbon block, the carbon brick used in the blast furnace lining has semi-graphite carbon bricks, high-graphite carbon bricks, carbonized silicon bricks, silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide bricks, and the general furnace bottom is selected from The carbon block or pre-baked electric furnace carbon block can meet the requirements. Although the density of graphite brick and silicon carbide brick is larger, the thermal conductivity of the carbon brick will increase the temperature of the furnace bottom, and the erosion isotherm will move down. The probability of the bottom is greater.

When selecting the carbon bricks and ring bricks at the bottom of the furnace, the principle of using only one type of brick should be adhered to. Because the thermal conductivity of different carbon bricks is different, the local temperature of the furnace bottom or the furnace wall will be too high and the bottoming will occur.

In the lining of the submerged arc furnace, the working environment of the taphole is the weakest, and it is also the fastest damaged part of the entire lining. Furnace carbon bricks need to be frequently washed with high temperature resistant hot metal. It is possible to use carbonized silicon bricks and graphite bricks with better oxidation resistance and better wear resistance and erosion resistance. The main purpose of determining the life of the carbon bricks is the oxidation resistance of the carbon bricks. And anti-scouring performance, anti-oxidation performance from high to low in order of carbonized silicon bricks, graphite bricks, electric furnace carbon bricks; anti-scouring ability of graphite bricks slightly better than carbonized silicon bricks.

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