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Performance and characteristics of low cement refractory castables
Jan 03, 2019

The low-cement refractory castable refers to the refractory castable with calcium aluminate cement combined. The castable with CaO content less than 2.5%, that is, the calcium aluminate cement is added in an amount of about 1/2~1 of the ordinary calcium aluminate cement castable. /3 castable. Different from traditional refractory castables, in the low-cement refractory castable matrix, some or most of the calcium aluminate cement is replaced by ultrafine powder with the same or similar chemical composition as the main material of the castable. The castable belongs to a castable in which hydration combines and agglomerates in combination. Since the partial calcium aluminate cement is replaced by ultrafine powder (fine powder), the low cement refractory castable has the following advantages:

1. The CaO content in the castable is low, which can reduce the formation of low eutectic phase in the material, thereby improving the refractoriness, high temperature strength and resistance to slag erosion;

2. The water consumption of the castables during construction is only 1/3~1/2 of the ordinary castables, so the porosity is low and the bulk density is high;

3. After casting, there is less cementing in the curing, and there is no large amount of hydration bond breaking during heating and baking, which causes the medium temperature strength to decrease, but the strength increases with the increase of the heat treatment temperature;

4. The strength composition of the castable can be formulated into a self-flowing castable and a pump-casting castable by making appropriate adjustments.

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