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Long-term preventive measures for blast furnace hot air pipeline leakage accident
Dec 04, 2018

For these situations of hot air ducts, take the following measures:

(1) In order to avoid the phenomenon of refractory material settlement in hot air ducts, the key requirements of low creep and load softening of heavy working layer refractory bricks should be improved during engineering design, and combined with increasing the thickness of heavy working layer refractory bricks and improving insulation Comprehensive measures such as anti-burning ability of bricks can achieve the goal of improving the overall quality of hot air ducts.

(2) Optimize the refractory configuration of hot air ducts. The newly designed hot air main pipe, branch pipe and the bottom of the pipe are recommended to eliminate the refractory fiberboard LYGX (30mm) configuration, and the refractory bricks are directly laid on the spray coating layer to eliminate the settlement caused by the compression of the refractory fiberboard LYGX; When the piping system is constructed, the on-site quality management should be strengthened to eliminate the congenital hidden dangers such as the formation of joints between each ring brick. Eliminating refractory sedimentation and helium is an effective measure to eliminate leakage of hot air.

(3) After the hot air enclosure has exceeded the normal temperature control standard in multiple locations, it may be considered to adopt the method of pouring the pressurized slurry to realize the state control treatment, and then use the blast furnace repair opportunity to carry out long-term maintenance and consolidation treatment. Since the anti-burning ability and the like of the pressure slurry cannot be compared with the heavy working layer refractory brick, when there is a large gap between the heavy working layer refractory bricks of the hot air pipe or the multiple grouting effect is not obvious, it is also required Select the machine for the hole pouring process.

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