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How to choose the electrode material for smelting in ore furnace?
Dec 24, 2018

The electrode materials used in domestic ore furnaces are mainly self-baking electrodes (electrode paste) and graphite electrodes. In the selection of the electrodes for the submerged arc furnace, different electrode materials are mainly selected depending on the products to be produced.

1, electrode paste

The submerged arc furnace using self-baking electrode (electrode paste) mainly includes: production of ferrosilicon, silicon chromium alloy, silicon manganese alloy, high carbon ferromanganese, medium and low carbon ferromanganese, high carbon ferrochrome, medium and low carbon ferrochrome, silicon. A submerged arc furnace of ferroalloy materials such as calcium alloy and tungsten iron.

Self-baking electrode for submerged arc furnace

The electrode paste is a conductive material used for supplying electric furnace equipment such as a ferroalloy furnace or a calcium carbide furnace. The continuous self-baking electrode made of electrode paste has a low working current density, generally 3~6A/cm2, and its conductivity is quite different from that of graphite electrode or carbon electrode. The main raw materials for the production of electrode pastes are anthracite and metallurgical coke. The electrode paste comprises a closed paste, a standard electrode paste, and a chemical electrode paste, which are respectively used for the self-baking electrodes of the closed, open and semi-closed submerged arc furnaces. The electrode paste was cast into a trapezoidal block by an ingot casting machine. Each piece weighs no more than 15kg. The amount of paste with a diameter of less than 50 mm per batch is not more than 3%.

2, graphite electrode

Since the self-baking electrode tends to carbonize the alloy, the electrode shell iron is also easy to bring the alloy into the iron. Therefore, in the production of iron alloys and pure metals with low carbon content, such as micro-carbon ferrochrome, industrial silicon, silicon-aluminum alloy, and manganese metal. Use a carbon electrode or a graphite electrode.

Graphite electrodes have different current densities depending on the materials used, and there are different power graphite electrodes, high-power graphite electrodes and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes. The graphite electrode used in the iron alloy refining furnace is usually a common power graphite electrode, which is made of high-quality petroleum coke, pitch coke, etc., and is formed by molding, roasting, graphitization and mechanical processing. The main indicators for measuring the quality of graphite electrodes are resistivity, bulk density, mechanical strength, coefficient of linear expansion, and modulus of elasticity. General power graphite electrode and joint physical and chemical indicators

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