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Different classification standards and types of refractory materials
Jan 03, 2019

There are many varieties and uses of refractory materials. It is necessary to scientifically classify refractory materials for scientific research, rational selection and management. There are many methods for classifying refractory materials, including chemical property classification, chemical mineral composition classification, production process classification, and material morphology classification.

1. According to the level of refractoriness:

Ordinary refractory material: 1580 ° C ~ 1770 ° C

Advanced refractory: 1770 ° C ~ 2000 ° C

Premium refractory: >2000°C

2, according to the shape and size of the product:

Standard type: 230mm × 114mm × 65mm;

No more than 4 scales, (size ratio) Max: Min<4:1;

Shape: no more than 2 concave corners, (size ratio) Max: Min<6:1;

Or have an acute angle of 50 to 70 °;

Specific type: (size ratio) Max: Min<8:1;

Or no more than 4 concave corners; or an acute angle of 30 to 50°;

Special products: enamel, utensils, tubes, etc.

3, according to the manufacturing method refractory materials can be divided into:

Burned products, non-fired products, unshaped refractories

4. Classified by material chemical properties:

Acid refractory, neutral refractory, alkaline refractory

5. Classification by chemical mineral composition

This classification method can directly characterize the basic composition and characteristics of various refractory materials, and is a common classification method in production, use and scientific research, and has strong practical application significance.

Siliceous (silica)

Aluminum silicate


Magnesium, magnesia, magnesia, magnesium silice

Carbon composite refractory

Zirconium refractory

Special refractory

6. Unshaped refractory classification (classified according to usage)


Spray coating



Pressing material

Projection material

Spreading material

Dry vibrating material

Self-flowing castable

Refractory mud

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