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Construction requirements for self-baked carbon bricks for submerged arc furnaces
Dec 20, 2018

Good materials combined with good construction techniques can make the ore furnace get even beyond the expected life cycle. In the construction of self-baking carbon bricks, the following construction requirements must be met:

1. The specifications, varieties and quality of the furnace materials must meet the standard requirements.

2. Masonry is strictly required according to the lining structure drawing. 10~20mm thick asbestos felt is laid on the bottom of the furnace and the steel plate of the furnace wall. The furnace wall is made of light clay bricks on one side; the bottom of the furnace is built on two sides, and all are cemented with clay refractory mud.

3. High-alumina refractory bricks are laid in the upper part of the lightweight clay bricks at the bottom of the furnace, and close to the lightweight clay bricks of the furnace wall. The height of the lining refractory bricks varies according to the specific size and process requirements of the furnace shell.

4. In the process of building the furnace, phosphate and refractory granules and high-aluminum refractory cement are used in the transition zone between the self-baked carbon brick and the refractory brick, and the cementing method is used according to a certain proportion, and then the wood is baked to make the phosphate slurry. Consolidation increases the overall structural strength of the refractory masonry.

5. Pre-processed semi-graphite carbon-silicon carbide bricks are built inside and outside the taphole. Both sides are fixed with high-aluminum refractory bricks, and the transition part is made of phosphate refractory concrete.

6. Finally, a 30mm thick refractory brick is built on the surface of the self-baking carbon brick to protect it from oxidation at high temperatures during the oven process.

7. The self-baking carbon brick furnace lining is particularly strict in the initial temperature of the oven, and there must be sufficient holding time in each temperature rise section.

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