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Causes and treatment methods of iron hole burning in ferrosilicon furnace
Dec 19, 2018

In the production process of smelting ferrosilicon by submerged arc furnace, some abnormal conditions are often encountered, such as iron mouth burning. The so-called "burning iron" tapping through the iron ore furnace means that the molten iron passes through a seam around the taphole (not somewhere at the taphole), which often burns out the furnace shell and the tapping equipment, and needs to be shut down for treatment. . Therefore, we must try to prevent such accidents from happening.


1. Reasons for the iron outlet to burn through:

1 The construction quality of carbon bricks and carbon bricks near the taphole is poor or the quality of the products is poor.

2 The depth of long-term plugging of the taphole is not enough, or the lime is often added to the furnace to make the carbon brick near the taphole eroded seriously.

3 When repairing the tap hole, the electrode paste is poorly constructed, and the molten iron passes through the brick joint and the electrode paste.

4 The iron outlet is not well maintained, and the lower part produces a depression so that the iron outlet is not easily blocked, and the molten iron leaks from the place where the bottom of the furnace passes through the contact between the furnace bottom and the flow iron tank, thereby burning through the iron outlet.

2, to prevent burning through the iron outlet:

1 When constructing refractory bricks for tapholes, construction quality is strictly required.

2 When the electrode paste is beaten, the electrode paste must be compacted so that the electrode paste and the carbon brick become a whole during the sintering process.

3 The maintenance of the extremely easy-flow iron trough in the later tapping port must be done well.

4 Try to put an end to the operation of using lime treatment furnace conditions.

5 In the smelting operation, if the shell of the iron outlet is found to be partially red, it needs to be treated immediately.


3, the treatment method of the iron outlet burnt:

1 Open the iron outlet immediately.

2 Clean the metal and slag of the burnt-out part, then refill it with electrode paste and compact it.

3 Repair according to the damage of the taphole, if necessary, power off, replace the carbon brick near the iron outlet and dispose of it in time.

The material quality, construction quality and post-maintenance used are the three major factors that cause abnormalities in the submerged arc furnace. In the actual operation of the ore furnace, it is necessary to keep in mind the strict adherence to the principle of “three good” in materials + good construction + good maintenance, in order to truly achieve the purpose of longevity lining.

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