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Carbon brick for blast furnace - semi-graphite brick
Dec 19, 2018

Semi-graphite bricks are commonly used carbon/graphite refractory bricks on blast furnaces and have been widely used. The term "semi-graphitization" means that the burnt carbon is further heat-treated at 1600 to 2400 °C. This method has begun to change the crystalline structure of carbon, thereby changing their physical and chemical properties. Since the additional heat treatment temperature of the product occurs below the graphitization temperature, such products are referred to as semi-graphitized bricks.

The particles and binders in the semi-graphitized bricks are both semi-graphitized, so they have higher thermal conductivity and chemical resistance (base and oxidation) than carbon bricks, hot-pressed carbon bricks and the like.

The manufactured graphite bulk or cylindrical body is cut and machined to obtain a large brick. Since the products are semi-graphitized, they are more difficult to machine than true semi-graphite bricks.

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