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Brief Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Applicable to Which Industrial Kilns and Furnaces
Dec 10, 2018

Ceramic fiber blanket is superior to ceramic fiber injection blanket in thermal insulation performance because of its long filament and small thermal conductivity. Ceramic fibre silk-throwing blanket is widely used in most heat preservation pipeline construction. It can also be used in industrial kiln heat preservation:

1. Radiation chamber of cracking furnace, primary reformer, hydrogenation furnace, hydrogen making furnace, atmospheric pressure furnace, vacuum furnace and catalytic reforming furnace in petrochemical industry; spraying and composite structure optimization of blast furnace hot blast furnace, pusher furnace and walking-beam furnace in iron and steel industry;

2. Hood-type annealing furnace, continuous annealing furnace, trolley-type furnace, annular furnace, walking-beam heating furnace, soaking furnace, Pusher-type continuous heating furnace, tempering furnace, quenching furnace, forging furnace, pit furnace, aluminium melting furnace, sintering furnace, carbonization furnace and other kilns.

3. Special ceramic firing kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, cement rotary kiln, glass tempering furnace, float glass annealing line and so on.

The thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber blankets is only one quarter of that of traditional heavy refractories, which makes the demand for ceramic fiber blankets increasing. To improve the technological content of production equipment, it is even more necessary to use a large number of ceramic fiber materials in order to improve the technological content of kiln lining and the lightening level of furnace body.

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