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Application value of self-baking carbon bricks in ore electric furnace
Dec 20, 2018

The life of the ore furnace lining mainly depends on the degree of erosion of the taphole part, while the semi-graphite carbon-silicon carbide brick solves this problem better; but the material is easy to gasify with the water in the mud at high temperature. It is also easy to be oxidized when exposed to the air, and the problem is completely solved by using water-free plugging.

A 16.5 MVA electric furnace in a factory uses roasting carbon bricks. In half a year, it is necessary to overhaul the iron outlet, and it needs to be overhauled every season. It takes 4 days for each overhaul to make a tap. After power transmission, it takes about 100,000 kWh to recover the furnace in order to protect the electrode, heat the furnace, and raise the furnace temperature. It takes 3 days to fully recover, and 7~10 for iron mouth overhaul maintenance. Day, then overhaul another iron mouth. In this way, the entire overhaul process takes 15 to 20 days to fully resume production, consumes 25~30 tons of various materials, and consumes about 20 to 300,000 kWh of electricity. The production interruption in the 8 days of the iron gate overhaul period directly affects the child and the child. Various economic and technical indicators.

After using self-baking carbon bricks and using water-free plugging, the overhaul period is extended by more than two years. The cost of self-baking carbon brick materials and masonry is about 10% higher than that of roasting carbon bricks, but it is compared with the iron mouth overhaul. The direct and indirect costs have been greatly reduced, and the relative economic value is reflected.

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