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Application of non-stick aluminum refractory castable in aluminum melting furnace
Dec 17, 2018


With the continuous development of the metal smelting industry, aluminum products have been applied to various industries, and the thermal kiln for aluminum smelting applications is collectively referred to as aluminum melting furnace. Aluminum has a melting point of 660 ° C and is relatively low among many metals. However, aluminum has a high activity and has a very strong penetrating ability. It is highly erosive to the refractory castable lining and undergoes performance changes, causing cracks and flaking. Therefore, it is very important to choose the material of the refractory castable.

Aluminum melting furnace

1. Causes of damage to the lining of the molten aluminum furnace

There are three main reasons for the damage of the aluminum alloy furnace lining:

1) The aluminum melt in the furnace, although not high in temperature, is extremely permeable, and the aluminum melt with very high activity slowly penetrates into the lining through the pores and fine lines of the lining, and physically and chemically reacts with the lining. Loose and flaking the furnace lining, causing the lining crack to increase and fall off.

2) The aluminum melt in the furnace chemically reacts with the furnace lining to form adhesion, and the adhesion is increased for a long time to form a nodules, which causes damage to the furnace lining.

3) During the process of adding or discharging the raw materials, the aluminum or aluminum slag causes a certain degree of impact and wear on the lining, resulting in physical loss of the lining.

Non-stick aluminum castable

2. Characteristics of non-stick aluminum refractory castable

The non-stick aluminum refractory castable is made of super high alumina bauxite, brown corundum, kyanite, alumina micropowder, calcium aluminate cement, silicon micropowder and special additives. It is a low cement refractory castable specially developed according to the requirements of the use of molten aluminum furnace. It has the characteristics of low impurity content, high density, high strength, high corrosion resistance, high resistance to permeability, and no infiltration by aluminum melt.

3. Application of non-stick aluminum refractory castable

The non-stick aluminum refractory castable can be used for the severely eroded parts such as the bottom of the molten aluminum furnace, the lower furnace wall, the slag slope, the chute, and the aluminum water bag, because of its superior aluminum corrosion resistance. After use, aluminum liquid erosion and nodulation are largely controlled and delayed.


Non-stick aluminum refractory castables have been specially developed as fused lining materials for aluminum alloy furnaces, and have been applied to the construction of aluminum melting furnaces in many large aluminum and aluminum alloy processing enterprises in China. At present, the user's response is consistently good, and its superior performance effectively extends the life cycle of the aluminum melting furnace for more than 10 months.

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