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Application of high strength mullite lightweight castable in dry quenching coke tank
Dec 18, 2018

The coke tank is a very important equipment in the coke dry quenching production line, mainly for the shipment of red coke, and its working temperature is maintained at around 1100 °C for a long time. At present, most of the enterprise coke cans are mainly used as alloy linings. Due to the poor thermal shock resistance, such materials are prone to bending, cracking, falling off and clogging due to long-term use. Even if the long-term parking temperature is too high, the liner is softened, and there is a serious safety hazard.

In the past construction case, the self-produced high-strength mullite lightweight castable was used as the lining material for the coke tank. Its good bulk density, wear resistance, and high compressive strength and flexural strength can effectively meet the requirements of the red focus tank lining. In the application, the anchoring nail is used to ensure the stability of the castable, and it can be put into production after natural curing and drying after construction.


The advantages of high-strength mullite lightweight castables as coke linings are:

1) The lower thermal conductivity can meet the requirements of the use of the lining of the coke tank, reduce the heat loss of the red coke, reduce the external heat radiation, and make the heat preservation and energy saving.

2) Good wear resistance can effectively reduce the wear of red coke due to the rotary motion and the erosion and friction of the coke liner. It avoids the blockage of the sealing valve caused by the falling off of the lining plate and improves the safety of the quenching working condition.

3) Higher compressive strength, effectively alleviating the gravity of the cone section under the red focus tank.

4) The life of the lining with light refractory castables is generally higher than that of the alloy lining, and the maintenance cost is also much lower, saving economic costs and significantly improving the efficiency.


The program has achieved good results in the dry quenching coke tank of a steel mill in Shanxi. After use, it shows that the heat preservation effect is very significant. The steam volume and power generation of the coke oven are also increased to some extent. Moreover, after adopting the scheme, even if the red coke is parked in the coke tank for a long time, the temperature of the coke wall will not rise sharply, and the outer steel shell is softened, that is, the coke tank is protected and the safety hazard is eliminated. Because the anchoring nail is used to reinforce the high-strength mullite lightweight castable lining, it has good integrity and no problems such as product falling off. The service life of the program can last for more than half a year.

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