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Application of high anti-penetration high aluminum castable in aluminum alloy melting furnace
Dec 18, 2018

Aluminum alloy products have been applied in all walks of life. As the quality of aluminum alloys continues to increase, the requirements for refractory materials for molten aluminum furnaces are also more stringent.

The melting point of aluminum is not high, and the temperature of the aluminum melting furnace is generally around 1000 °C. From the temperature point of view, ordinary clay, high-aluminum refractory bricks or refractory castables can meet the high temperature demand. However, these refractories contain SiO2 components, which easily cause contamination of the aluminum alloy solution and affect the quality of the product. In addition, ordinary high-aluminum refractories have poor corrosion resistance, which will seriously affect the service life of the lining.

Aluminum melting furnace

The micro-pores and high-permeability high-alumina castables independently produced by the new materials are made of high-quality super high-alumina clinker, SiO2 ultrafine powder, α-Al2O3 micropowder and CA-70 cement. Special additives are added to reduce the porosity and pore diameter of the castable.

Aluminum melting furnace

Compared with high alumina bricks and low cement high alumina castables, the microporous high permeability high permeability aluminum castables have superior anti-penetration capability, and the penetration depth is 0 in the experiment of 950 ° C × 120 h. At the same time, the porosity, pore diameter, compressive strength, flexural strength and line change rate of the castable are all high application indexes of aluminum brick and low cement castable.

In the construction case of the aluminum melting furnace, the micro-pores and high-permeability high-alumina castables were used to replace the high-grade aluminum bricks and the high-alumina low-cement castables in the furnace bottom of the melting furnace. Up to now, the service life of the aluminum melting furnace has exceeded For three years, it is assumed that its service life should be at least 5 years.

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