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Application of high alumina brick in ore furnace
Dec 19, 2018

The submerged arc furnace is an important thermal equipment for smelting iron alloy. According to the different raw materials, the submerged arc furnace can be divided into ferrosilicon furnace, ferronickel furnace, manganese iron ore furnace, titanium manganese alloy ore furnace, etc. . In the refractory brick configuration of these submerged arc furnaces, commonly used refractory bricks include carbon bricks, magnesia bricks, high alumina bricks, clay bricks, etc., among which high alumina bricks mainly use first grade high alumina bricks with Al2O3 ≥ 75%. It is used in the middle temperature zone of the furnace floor of the submerged arc furnace and the furnace wall.

Ferrosilicon furnace

The medium temperature region of the bottom of the submerged arc furnace is not in direct contact with the high temperature solution. Compared with the high temperature region directly contacting the high temperature solution, it is less likely to be eroded by the solution slag, and the penetration is damaged, and the working temperature is low. The use of high-aluminum bricks as the lining structure for this part can well meet the needs of its work.

The main raw material of high-alumina brick is high-quality high-alumina bauxite, and the binder is refractory clay. Various admixtures are extruded through a press with a strict proportioning mixture, and then sintered at a high temperature in a tunnel kiln.


Compared with clay bricks, the biggest advantages of high-alumina bricks are: a. High refractoriness The refractoriness of aluminum bricks is higher than that of clay bricks and semi-silica bricks, reaching 1750~1790 °C, which is a high-grade refractory material. b, load softening temperature Because high Al2O3 in high aluminum products, low impurity content, less fusible glass body, so the load softening temperature is higher than clay brick, but because the mullite crystal does not form a network structure, so the load softening temperature is still No silicon bricks are high. c. High slag resistance aluminum bricks have more Al2O3, close to neutral refractory materials, and can resist the erosion of acid slag and alkaline slag. Because of the SiO2 content, the ability to resist alkaline slag is weaker than that of acid slag. some.

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