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Aerogel preparation
Oct 24, 2018

Aerogels are usually prepared by sol-gel process and supercritical drying. In the sol-gel process, by controlling the hydrolysis and condensation reaction conditions of the solution, the nanoclusters with different structures are formed in the solution, and the clusters adhere to each other to form a gel, while the solid liquid skeleton around the gel is filled with liquid reagents remaining after chemical reaction. In order to prevent the damage of the material structure caused by the surface tension in the microporous cavity during the gel drying process, the supercritical fluid drying process was used to increase the temperature of the gel in the pressure vessel, so that the liquid in the gel phase turned into a supercritical fluid, the gas-liquid interface disappeared, and the surface tension did not exist. The release of critical fluid from pressure vessels leads to porous, disordered, low-density aerogel materials with a nanoscale continuous network structure.

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