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A real case analysis of a broken and falling silicon brick in a glass manufacturing enterprise
Jan 02, 2019

A 89m2 melting furnace in a factory in Zhejiang Province was fired in the kiln for more than a year. It was found that the furnace cover collapsed a hole of about 1m2. After the furnace was shut down, it was found that many bricks around the collapsed roof of the furnace had been broken into two sections, half of which had already fallen into the kiln, and only half of the bricks supported the furnace cover.

Why is there a collapse of the furnace cover? We believe that the factory is a new factory, some of the operators are not technically skilled, and there are fewer skilled workers. In addition to factors such as coal quality, gas stoves often burn out, even hoods burn out and are forced to start. Another gas generator. Just before the discovery of the collapse of the furnace cover, the temperature of the furnace dropped drastically from 1545 °C to 1200 °C due to coal quality and operational reasons, and the time was very long. The furnace maintenance personnel did not adjust it in time. In the dome wire, the furnace cover shrinks during the cooling process. When the furnace cover is greatly contracted, the large dome wire is not tightened in time, and the entire furnace cover will settle down due to shrinkage, so that the furnace cover appears. The phenomenon of "lower mouth" of the bricks causes the bricks to "paste" or fall. In the subsequent heating process, the furnace cover is heated and expanded, and the force between the bricks is strengthened. The bricks around the fallen bricks are reduced due to the force surface, and the surrounding bricks are loose. There was a large drop.

Why is the brick broken into two pieces? One of the important reasons is that during the kiln, the plant was completed, the drainage system of the plant was not finished, and it was raining heavily. A lot of rain was drenched on the furnace cover. The protective aluminum silicate fiber insulation blanket is all wet, and the place where the insulation felt flows out of the water. At this time, the furnace cover is nearly 200 ° C. When the crystal form changes, the temperature drop on the upper surface of the furnace cover makes the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the silicon brick large, and the thermal stability of the silicon brick is poor. The number of ice cooling cycles is generally 1 to 4 times. Therefore, the brick body generates a large stress until it bursts into two pieces, leaving a large hidden danger to the furnace cover. When the bricks were found to have broken into large holes, we also thought about whether this was the case. At that time, because this part was not observed, it could not be affirmed. Now, from the photos after the shutdown, the bricks have been broken into two pieces. We think this is caused by the rain when the oven is broken. At that time, the silica bricks broke after breaking. After repeated cooling of the furnace cover, the looseness of the furnace cover brick is the direct cause of the brick falling off the furnace cover. The brick itself has broken. Once the furnace cover changes, the broken brick falls directly, thus forming a furnace cover collapse. Big hole accident.

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