1600 Alumina High Temperature Fiber Bulk

1600 Alumina High Temperature Fiber Bulk

It is produced by advanced silk reeling process. Its basic characteristics are stable performance at low temperature, light weight, low heat capacity, good thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and sound absorption performance. The modern high-tech enables the light barrier and lightweight cotton to meet special requirements and meet the needs of customers....

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Alumina High Temperature Fiber Bulk is referred to the refractory fiber with alumina content more than 72%, whose service temperature can reach 1600℃ (2912℉). With high alumina content and less shot, Alumina High Temperature Fiber Bulk products possess low thermal conductivity and low thermal linear shrinkage and superior thermal stability and corrosion proof, which have a longer service life in the harsh high temperature, even corrosion atmosphere.


● Boiler insulation

● Chimney fill

● Filling materials for high temperature equipment

● Feedstock for high temperature refractory vacuum formed board


● Low thermal conductivity

● Low thermal linear shrinkage

● Superior thermal stability

● Corrosion proof

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