1700 Alumina High Temperature Fiber Board

1700 Alumina High Temperature Fiber Board

It is the most commonly used insulation block for industrial furnaces. It is equipped with an anchor system that can be connected with the kiln shell and squeezed into each other to form a seamless lining. Moreover, the installation method is simple, and the speed of the lining construction is......

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The polycrystalline mullite refractory fiber is white in appearance, smooth in appearance, soft and elastic. The microstructure is composed of mullite crystallites. Mullite is a relatively stable compound and has a weak recrystallization ability, that is, mullite crystallites do not easily aggregate and grow during heating, which is advantageous for maintaining the strength of mullite fibers. The heating line has a low shrinkage rate.

Mullite fiber has been widely used in thermal equipment such as box type electric furnace, heating furnace, soaking furnace and ceramic firing kiln. The maximum operating temperature is 1500 °C, and the long-term operating temperature is 1350-1400 °C.


Mainly used in all kinds of industrial furnaces and high temperature pipelines for full fiber lining. Typical applications are as follows:

1. Metallurgical machinery: heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, ladle insulation cover

2. Petrochemical industry: reformer, atmospheric and vacuum furnace, cracking furnace, flue

Third, ceramic electric porcelain: roller kiln, shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln

Fourth, other: all kinds of industrial furnaces, as well as hot air ducts, high temperature equipment, high temperature kiln lining and so on.



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