Fire Clay Bricks

Clay bricks, also known as sintered bricks, are artificial small blocks for construction. Clay bricks are made of clay (including shale, coal gangue, etc.) as the main raw material, processed by mud, formed, dried and calcined....

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Fire clay bricks are typically used as linings for kilns, furnaces and boilers they possess mechanical strength and can be subjected to extreme thermal cycling and thermal shock. Fire clay bricks also have a high thermal mass which ensures they retain heat and provide excellent energy efficiency.

Fire clay bricks are made by firing a clay based composition until partly vitrified and for specialist applications can also be produced with a glazed finish. Normally fire clay bricks contain 40-50% alumina depending on the maximum operating temperatures.

Self attribute

1. Chemical composition: The main component determines the quality and characteristics of the refractory

2. bulk density: unit volume weight, density, indicating that the compactness is good, the strength may be high, but the thermal conductivity may be large

3. obvious porosity: no specific requirements, but as a manufacturer must strictly control the air hole

4. load softening temperature: also called high temperature load to start deformation temperature, this parameter is very important, marking material resistance to high temperature resistance

5. thermal shock resistance: resistance to rapid changes in temperature without damage

6. Compressive strength: the maximum pressure capacity to withstand (normal temperature)

7. Flexural strength: ability to withstand shear pressure

8. Linear rate of change: also known as the change of the reburning line or the change of the residual line. It refers to the change of the expansion and contraction of the volume in the same temperature change. If each expansion and contraction is the same, we define the linear rate of change as 0.

Physical and chemical properties

1. wear resistance

2. thermal conductivity: unit temperature gradient, the heat flow rate per unit area of the material, related to the porosity

3. impact resistance: no need to explain it, good impact resistance, long service life

4. slag resistance: the ability to resist slag erosion at high temperatures without being destroyed

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