Refractory Blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets, also known as aluminum silicate fiber blankets, are called ceramic fiber blankets because one of their main components is alumina, which is the main component of porcelain. The ceramic fiber blanket is mainly divided into a ceramic fiber spray blanket and a ceramic fiber silk carpet. The ceramic fiber silk carpet has a long thermal conductivity and is superior to the ceramic fiber spray blanket in terms of heat preservation performance. Most of the insulation pipe construction uses ceramic fiber silk carpet....

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Product advantages

 1, high temperature resistance, the use temperature can reach 1300 °C.

 2, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, under the same conditions, aluminum silicate products are 30% lower than other thermal insulation materials.

 3, light weight, good stability, soft, light and flexible, dry products 80 ~ 100 kg / m3, wet products 100 ~ 130 kg / m3.

 4, the molten metal is not wet. Has good chemical stability. 

5, sound absorption and sound insulation performance, good sound insulation and sound insulation. 

6, electrical insulation is good, has a high dielectric constant; can be used for high-frequency insulation materials.

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