Magnesium Brick

The raw material of magnesia brick is mainly magnesite, and its basic component is MgCO3. After high temperature calcination, it is crushed to a certain particle size to become sintered magnesia. Magnesia is widely used as a material for repairing furnaces, beating materials, and magnesia containing less impurities (ω(CaO)<2.5%, ω(SiO2)<3.5%) as a raw material for the production of magnesia bricks....

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Magnesium brick is made from periclasite with alkaline refractory products as raw material, it has good refractoriness performance, good refractory under load and high temperature machinery strength and corrosion resistance. It can be applied in metallurgy (EAF, Converter, Mixer furnace), non–ferrous (Smelting furnace)industries and high temperature tunnel kiln,sintered magnesite kiln,cement rotary kiln,glass kilns,new type lime kiln,soaking furnace,heating furnace,etc.

The refractoriness of magnesia bricks can reach above 2000 °C, and the load softening temperature varies greatly depending on the melting point of the cement phase and the amount of liquid phase produced at high temperatures. Generally, the load-softening start temperature of magnesia bricks is between 1520 and 1600 °C, while that of high-purity magnesia bricks is up to 1800 °C. The loading softening start temperature of the magnesia brick is not much different from the collapse temperature. The linear expansion rate of magnesia bricks at 20~1000 °C is generally 1.2%~1.4%, and is approximately linear. When a liquid phase appears in a brick at a high temperature, shrinkage suddenly occurs. Magnesia bricks have a higher thermal conductivity and are second only to carbon bricks and silicon carbide bricks in refractory products, which decrease with increasing temperature. The thermal shock resistance of magnesia bricks is poor, and the purity of magnesia bricks can be improved to improve the thermal shock resistance. Magnesia bricks have poor resistance to acid slag and cannot be directly contacted with silica bricks when used. Generally, they are separated by neutral bricks. Magnesium bricks have low electrical conductivity at normal temperature, but they cannot be ignored at high temperatures (such as 1500 ° C). If used in electric furnace bottoms, attention should be paid.

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