Ceramic Insulation Blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets, also known as aluminum silicate fiber blankets, are called ceramic fiber blankets because one of their main components is alumina, which is the main component of porcelain. The ceramic fiber blanket is mainly divided into a ceramic fiber spray blanket and a ceramic fiber silk carpet. The ceramic fiber silk carpet has a long thermal conductivity and is superior to the ceramic fiber spray blanket in terms of heat preservation performance. Most of the insulation pipe construction uses ceramic fiber silk carpet....

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Production Process

Various aluminum silicate silk carpets, ordinary, standard, high-purity, zirconium-containing aluminum silicate fiber cotton produced by silk fibroblasting process, subjected to acupuncture, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, and rolling production.

Acupuncture blankets of different bulk density and thickness provide users with a wide range of materials to obtain the best insulation structure and energy saving benefits.

The silk fiber blanket has uniform diameter, long fiber and low content of slag ball, which improves the fiber interlacing degree, delamination resistance, performance, wind resistance, flexibility and tensile strength, thus improving the needle-punched blanket. Application performance reduces material wear and tear.

The silk fiber blanket does not use any bonding agent, ensuring good reliability and stability in all environments.

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