Energy Saving Board

Ceramic fiberboard, also an aluminum silicate fiberboard, is a new type of refractory sheet. Even if it maintains good mechanical strength after heating, the product is rigid and has a supporting strength of fiber insulation products compared to fiber blankets and felts. It can be used for kiln backing insulation in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics and glass industries....

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How much is the high temperature resistance of ceramic fiberboard? High-temperature resistant ceramic fiber woven fabrics include plates, ropes, belts, paper, blankets, etc., which are made of ceramic fiber cotton, alkali-free glass filaments and high-temperature resistant stainless steel alloy wire by special process. In addition to the above products, we It also provides high-quality woven fabrics with special specifications and properties according to the user's requirements for the use temperature and specific conditions of use.

Applicable equipment: low pressure valve, high temperature pipeline, furnace door, boiler, container door, hole cover seal, etc.

Applicable industries: chemical, chemical fiber, chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Applicable medium: resistant to almost all chemical media (strong base such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, strong acid such as phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid)

Product specifications: 6-60MM (other specifications are customized according to specific conditions) wire reinforcement, glass fiber wire increased.

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