1260 Ceramic Fiber Yarn

1260 Ceramic Fiber Yarn

Ceramic Fiber Yarn has good thermal insulation performance and is superior to traditional ceramic fiber products in high strength, anti-mechanical vibration and impact resistance....

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Ceramic Fiber Yarn Characteristics

1. Excellent heat resistance, the maximum operating temperature is 1100 °C.

2. Lightweight, heat resistant, low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. Soft, good heat insulation;

3. The glass fiber line does not absorb water, does not corrode, is not mildewed, does not worm, is not easy to be scattered, and has a certain tensile strength;

4. Excellent aging resistance;

5. Have good sound absorption, higher than the average NRC requirement;

6. It can be cut, sewn and easy to construct according to the requirements of use.

7. Glass fiber has good electrical insulation properties.

8. Glass fiber is an inorganic fiber and never burns.

9. Glass fiber has high tensile strength and length stability


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