Ceramic Fiber Module with Anchors

Ceramic Fiber Module with Anchors

The ceramic fiber module is a new type of refractory lining product introduced to simplify and speed up the kiln construction and improve the integrity of the lining. The product is white in color and regular in size, and can be directly fixed on the anchor bolt of industrial furnace shell steel plate. It has good fire-resisting and heat-insulating effect, improves the integrity of kiln fire-resisting and heat insulation, and promotes the progress of kiln masonry technology. . The classification temperature is 1050-1430 °C....

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Ceramic Fiber Module with Anchors

⊙ Product Description:

The anchor is a structural member that connects and fixes the light resistant material such as ceramic fiber, lightweight heat insulating brick, and amorphous refractory material with the metal wall plate of the kiln;

According to the structure of the industrial furnace, the temperature of the furnace, and the ambient atmosphere, anchors with different structures and different materials should be selected;

The anchor used for refractory materials in the range of 1050 ° C - 1400 ° C.

⊙ Product Features:

Adapt to a wide temperature range, 800 ° C - 1400 ° C;

Various forms of anchors;

The anchoring structure is reasonable, the anchoring is firm and reliable;

Installation is quick and easy.

⊙ Typical application:

Fixation of ceramic fiber module and folding block;

Fixing of various refractory bricks and castables;

Anchoring of fiber spray;

Fixed connection of various high temperature plates and high temperature devices

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