1000 Ceramic Fiber Stack Bonded Module

1000 Ceramic Fiber Stack Bonded Module

The ceramic fiber module is a new type of refractory lining product introduced to simplify and speed up the kiln construction and improve the integrity of the lining. The product is white in color and regular in size, and can be directly fixed on the anchor bolt of industrial furnace shell steel plate. It has good fire-resisting and heat-insulating effect, improves the integrity of kiln fire-resisting and heat insulation, and promotes the progress of kiln masonry technology. . The classification temperature is 1050-1430 °C....

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Aluminosilicate ceramic fiber module Product features:

Ceramic fiber blankets will be squeezed together in different directions after unbundling, without gaps;

Flexible fiber blankets resist mechanical forces;

The elasticity of the fiber blanket can compensate for the deformation of the furnace shell, so that the component quality inspection does not produce a gap;

The lining does not need to be dried and cured, so it can be put into use immediately after installation;

Anchoring the system away from the hot side of the assembly, causing the metal anchor to be at a relatively low temperature;

The various forms of anchors on the back of the module allow the module to be installed in either a platoon or a parquet floor.

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