1360 Ceramic Fiber Bulk

1360 High Aluminum Ceramic Bulk (1260HA) Ceramic fiber loose bulk is a high-purity clay clinker, alumina powder, silica powder, chrome sand and other raw materials are melted at high temperature in an industrial electric furnace to form a fluid. Then, the air is blown by a compressed air or twisted by a twisting machine, and the bulk is gathered by a bulk collector to form a ceramic fiber bulk. Fiber bulk can be further processed into fiber blankets, boards, paper, cloth, rope and other products. Ceramic fiber is a kind of high-efficiency thermal insulation material, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, small heat capacity and sound insulation....

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1360 High Aluminum Ceramic Bulk (1260HA)

Ceramic Fiber Bulks Structure and Characteristics:
The refractory ceramic fiber bulk is prepared by using high-quality, low-slag ball-injected fiber as aggregate, adding filler, binder, additive, etc., and has the following characteristics:
A. Low bulk density, low thermal conductivity, good high temperature strength;
B. It has good plasticity and is suitable for construction by pouring method, and the construction is convenient and rapid. In particular, it is easy to construct ceramic wall linings with complicated shapes and structures. The wall lining is good in integrity and air tightness. Partial damage to the lining can be easily repaired, saving maintenance time and extending service life.
C. Good pressure and folding resistance, it has excellent resistance to wind erosion, abrasion, shock and vibration and certain bearing capacity.
D. The ceramic fiber wall lining can be demolded 3-6 hours after pouring, and has a certain strength.
E. It has strong adaptability to the kiln atmosphere and can be used as a material for various fuel furnace walls. Used in a controlled atmosphere kiln, it is more stable than the shaped ceramic fiber products.

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