1000 Ceramic Fiber Bulk

​1000 Common Ceramic Fiber Bulk (1000COM) Ceramic fiber loose bulk is a high-purity clay clinker, alumina powder, silica powder, chrome sand and other raw materials are melted at high temperature in an industrial electric furnace to form a fluid. Then, the air is blown by a compressed air or twisted by a twisting machine, and the bulk is gathered by a bulk collector to form a ceramic fiber bulk. Fiber bulk can be further processed into fiber blankets, boards, paper, cloth, rope and other products. Ceramic fiber is a kind of high-efficiency thermal insulation material, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, small heat capacity and sound insulation....

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1000 Common Ceramic Fiber Bulk (1000COM)

The ceramic fiber cotton is made by melting the raw material at a high temperature through an electric resistance furnace, and is produced by a process of blowing or twisting into a fiber, generally having a diameter of 2 to 5 μm and a length of 30 to 250 mm.

The fiber surface of the ceramic fiber cotton has a smooth cylindrical shape and is generally circular in cross section. Its structural characteristics are high porosity (generally greater than 90%), and the pore diameter and specific surface area are large. Since the air in the pores has good heat insulation, the pore size of the pores and the nature of the pores (opening or closed pores) have a decisive influence on the thermal conductivity. In fact, the internal structure of the ceramic fiber is a kind. The mixed structure composed of solid fiber and air has a microscopic structure in which both the in-phase and the gas phase exist in the form of a continuous phase. Therefore, in this structure, the solid matter exists in a fibrous form and constitutes a continuous phase skeleton, and the gas phase continuously exists in the skeleton gap of the fibrous material. It is precisely because the ceramic fiber has such a structure that the porosity thereof is high, the pore diameter and the specific surface area are large, so that the ceramic fiber has excellent heat insulating properties and a small bulk density.

Ceramic fiber cotton is a neutral acid-based material. It is not attacked by other weak bases, weak acids and water, oil and steam except for strong acid and alkali reaction. It is not infiltrated with lead, aluminum and copper, and has excellent flexibility and elasticity. The ceramic fiber has a lower density, which is 75% lighter than the light insulation brick lining, 90%~95% lighter than the lightweight castable lining, and the thermal conductivity is about 1/8 of the light clay brick. It is a lightweight heat-resistant lining. 1/10 of the (casting material), heat capacity is only about 1/10 of the lightweight insulation lining and lightweight castable lining, which greatly reduces the energy loss, and the energy-saving heat storage effect is remarkable. At the same time, ceramic fiber has the characteristics of simple construction, no need for oven, shortening construction period and easy installation.

Ceramic fiber cotton is the main raw material of its ceramic fiber products. It can also be directly used as expansion joints for industrial furnaces, wall insulation and sealing materials according to the classification temperature.

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