1430 Ceramic Fiber Board

The ceramic fiber board is an aluminum silicate fiber board, a refractory material. Even if it maintains good mechanical strength after heating, the product is rigid and has a supporting strength of fiber insulation products compared to fiber blankets and felts....

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Production Process:

Various aluminum silicate fiberboards are made of corresponding ordinary, standard, high-purity, and zirconium-containing aluminum silicate fiber as raw materials, and are dried and machined by vacuum forming or dry process.

In addition to the excellent properties of the corresponding bulk aluminum silicate fiber cotton, the various aluminum silicate fiberboards are hard in texture, excellent in toughness and strength, and have excellent wind erosion resistance. Heating does not expand, light weight, convenient construction, can be cut and bent arbitrarily, is an ideal energy-saving material for kiln, pipeline and other thermal insulation equipment.

Classification temperature:

Ordinary aluminum silicate fiber board 1000 ° C

Standard aluminum silicate fiber board 1260 ° C

High-purity aluminum silicate fiber board 1260 ° C

High aluminum type aluminum silicate fiber board 1360 ° C

Zirconium-containing aluminum silicate fiber board 1430 ° C

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