1000 Ceramic Fiber Board

The ceramic fiber board is an aluminum silicate fiber board, a refractory material. Even if it maintains good mechanical strength after heating, the product is rigid and has a supporting strength of fiber insulation products compared to fiber blankets and felts....

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Production Process

  Double-sided needle felt line, its equipment and production process are at the leading level. Various aluminum silicate fiber needle-punched blankets are made of different materials (such as coke gems, SiO2, AI2O3, zircon sand, etc.). The fibers are settled by needle acupuncture, heat setting, longitudinal cutting, and rolling. production. The texture is uniform, the surface is flat, and the tensile strength is excellent. Since the aluminum silicate needle blanket itself does not contain a binder, the heat resistance is greatly improved.


    Power boilers, steam turbines and nuclear power insulation. Wall lining of high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in the chemical industry.

    High temperature pipes, shaped pipes, industrial furnace wall lining. The welded parts are insulated against stress. Shaped metal castings eliminate stress insulation. The top cover of the kiln door is insulated.

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