Ceramic Fiber Board

The ceramic fiber board is an aluminum silicate fiber board, a board made of refractory material. Even if it maintains good mechanical strength after heating, the product is rigid and has a supporting strength of fiber insulation products compared to fiber blankets and felts....

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Ceramic Fiberboard Product Description:

It is processed by wet vacuum forming process. The strength of this kind of product is higher than that of ceramic fiber blanket and vacuum forming felt. It is suitable for the high temperature field where the product has steel strength requirements.


High compressive strength, long service life; low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity; non-brittle material, good toughness; accurate size, good flatness; easy to cut and install, convenient construction; excellent wind erosion resistance; continuous production, uniform fiber distribution , stable performance; excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance.

Typical Application:

Steel industry: expansion joints, lining insulation, heat insulation sheets and mold insulation; non-ferrous metal industry: tundish and runner cover for pouring copper and copper-containing alloys; ceramic industry: lightweight kiln structure and furnace Hot surface lining, furnace temperature zone separation and fire blocking material; glass industry: molten pool is lined with insulation, burner block; kiln construction: hot surface refractory (replacement ceramic fiber blanket), heavy refractory Lining, expansion joints; light industry: lining of industrial and domestic boiler combustion chambers; petrochemical industry: high-temperature heating furnace lined with hot surface materials.

Ceramic fiber is mainly used for furnace door sealing and furnace curtain of various thermal insulation industrial furnaces; high temperature flue, air duct bushing, expanded joint; high temperature insulation and heat preservation of petrochemical equipment, containers and pipelines; Protective clothing, gloves, headgear, helmets, boots, etc. in high temperature environment; heat shield of automobile engine, package of exhaust pipe of heavy oil engine, composite brake friction pad of high speed racing car; pump for conveying high temperature liquid and gas, compression Sealing packings and gaskets for machines and valves; high temperature electrical insulation; fireproof doors for fire doors, fire curtains, fire blankets, sparking mats and insulation covers; heat insulation and insulation materials for aerospace and aviation industries, Brake friction pad; insulation, wrapping of cryogenic equipment, containers, pipelines; insulation, fire compartments, fire-fighting automatic fire curtains in important places such as archives, vaults, and safes in high-end office buildings.

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