1360 Ceramic Fiber Blanket

1360 Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets, also known as aluminum silicate fiber blankets, are called ceramic fiber blankets because one of their main components is alumina, which is the main component of porcelain. The ceramic fiber blanket is mainly divided into a ceramic fiber spray blanket and a ceramic fiber silk carpet. The ceramic fiber silk carpet has a long thermal conductivity and is superior to the ceramic fiber spray blanket in terms of heat preservation performance. Most of the insulation pipe construction uses ceramic fiber silk carpet....

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● Maintain good resilience in high temperature environment

●Good strength and wind resistance

●Good chemical stability, corrosion resistance

● low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity

●High temperature shrinkage

●Good sound insulation

●Metal aluminum foil forms effective shielding for radiant heat, and the heat insulation performance is more remarkable.

Typical Application

●Insulation filling material for high temperature environment

●Industrial furnace backing insulation material

●Building fire prevention

●High temperature filter material

●Making modules and ceramic fiber deep processing products

●High temperature equipment and high temperature pipeline insulation

●Pressing to make a variety of special-shaped sealing products

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