Alumina Silicate Fiber Board

Ceramic fiberboard, also an aluminum silicate fiberboard, is a new type of refractory sheet. Even if it maintains good mechanical strength after heating, the product is rigid and has a supporting strength of fiber insulation products compared to fiber blankets and felts. It can be used for kiln backing insulation in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics and glass industries....

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Product Usage: 

Hot surface and backing insulation of various industrial furnaces

Ultra-high temperature, rapid heating, cooling test furnace

Converter, electric furnace, ladle, tundish, ladle

Ceramic, electronic industry roller kiln, shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln

Reburning shaft kiln, mid-range magnesia kiln, high-purity oil kiln, light-burning reverberatory kiln

Mechanical, metallurgical industry heat treatment furnace, heating furnace, forging furnace

Annealing furnace, tempering furnace and pool kiln for glass industry

Cracking furnace, hydrogen production furnace, reforming furnace, atmospheric and vacuum furnace, coking furnace in the chemical industry

Backing insulation of kiln in cement and other building materials industries

Non-ferrous metal industry backing insulation

Physicochemical properties:

Product performance:

Low thermal conductivity, low shrinkage, excellent wind erosion resistance;

Excellent thermal shock performance, fiberboard manufacturers are resistant to airflow;

Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance;

Superior mechanical properties and structural strength;

The surface is flat and the thickness is uniform;

Easy to process, cut, easy to install and use;

The product has a wide range of weights and long service life.

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