Alumina Silicate Fiber Blanket

Alumina Silicate Fiber Blanket is Ceramic Fiber Blanket.we can also make it 1050 Ceramic fiber blanket,1260 Ceramic fiber blanket,1360 Ceramic fiber blanket,1400 Ceramic fiber blanket,1430 Ceramic fiber blanket....

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Ceramic fiber blanket material and characteristics Anti-mechanical vibration: The fiber blanket or felt has flexibility and elasticity, and is not easy to be damaged. The installed whole furnace is not easily damaged when it is impacted or transmitted by the road. Gas or oil is usually used as a fuel, and the atmosphere in the furnace is an oxidizing atmosphere. Silicon-alumina gels and molecular sieve silica-alumina gels are mainly used as catalytic cracking catalysts for petroleum refining. Superconducting ceramic fiber. The part of the chimney: castable, the anchor should be "L" or "Y".

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