1400 Ceramic Fibre Paper

1400 Ceramic Fibre Paper

Ceramic fiber paper is made from selected aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton as the main raw material by wet forming process. On the basis of the traditional process, the slag removal and drying process is improved, which is characterized by non-asbestos, uniform fiber distribution, white color, no delamination, less slag balls (four times centrifugal slag removal), bulk density adjustment according to use, and high strength. (including reinforcing fiber), good elasticity and strong machinability. Due to different temperature, it is divided into four materials, standard, high aluminum, zirconium-containing ceramic fiber paper....

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1. Industrial insulation, sealing and anti-corrosion materials;

2. Insulation and heat insulation materials for electric heating devices;

3. Insulation and insulation materials for equipment and electric heating elements;

4. Insulation materials for the automotive industry.

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