1400 Ceramic Fibre Bulk

1400 Ceramic Fibre Bulk

Ceramic fiber loose bulk is a high-purity clay clinker, alumina powder, silica powder, chrome sand and other raw materials are melted at high temperature in an industrial electric furnace to form a fluid. Then, the air is blown by a compressed air or twisted by a twisting machine, and the bulk is gathered by a bulk collector to form a ceramic fiber bulk. Fiber bulk can be further processed into fiber blankets, boards, paper, cloth, rope and other products. Ceramic fiber is a kind of high-efficiency thermal insulation material, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, small heat capacity and sound insulation....

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Performance and application of ceramic fiber products

With the rapid development of the refining and chemical industry and the metallurgical industry, new requirements have been put forward for refractory materials widely used in these two industries. Ceramic fibers have low thermal conductivity, high tensile strength, low reburning shrinkage, low bulk density and low The characteristics of heat storage and high temperature insulation have been widely used in the lining of various types of industrial furnaces.

For the refining and chemical industry, the furnace temperature is relatively high, and the high energy reaches 1350 °C. Before the ceramic fiber material is not designed and approved by the owner, the conventionally designed working surface of the furnace wall and the top of the furnace is basically light and heavy refractory castable, lightweight brick and other thermal insulation materials. The thickness of the lining layer is generally above 300mm. . The main disadvantages are as follows: the total amount of refractory materials used is not only bulky, but also too bulky. The entire heating furnace requires more than 600T of refractory materials, which brings great difficulty to the purchase of furnace materials and on-site construction; furnace wall and furnace roof The anchoring of anchor bricks is very inconvenient and it is not easy to level; during the construction of castables, it is necessary to set up expansion joints on the in-situ slabs, and the construction period is long; it is necessary to carry out the oven according to the characteristic curve of the material itself, and the steel structure is also used in a large amount, and heating The furnace temperature rise and fall is limited.

In summary, the masonry of the conventional high-temperature heating furnace has many defects and must be improved and improved. Practice has shown that replacing traditional heavy refractory materials with ceramic fibers and using them as high-temperature heating furnace wall lining materials has a very broad prospect.

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