1400 Ceramic Fibre Blanket

1400 Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets, also known as aluminum silicate fiber blankets, are called ceramic fiber blankets because one of their main components is alumina, which is the main component of porcelain. The ceramic fiber blanket is mainly divided into a ceramic fiber spray blanket and a ceramic fiber silk carpet. The ceramic fiber silk carpet has a long thermal conductivity and is superior to the ceramic fiber spray blanket in terms of heat preservation performance. Most of the insulation pipe construction uses ceramic fiber silk carpet....

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In recent years, ceramic fiber blankets have been widely used, especially in kiln insulation, which plays a more and more important role. The basic function of ceramic fiber blankets is to play the role of fire resistance, heat insulation and high temperature reflection inside the furnace. It has energy-saving effect on the inner wall insulation of the kiln, and uses the gaps between the aluminum silicate fibers to insulate. The thermal conductivity of the air in the gap is very low, and the heat reflection has high reflection ability. It can reflect heat back into the interior of the furnace. To achieve the best control of heat.

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