1360 Ceramic Fibre Paper

Ceramic fiber paper is made from selected aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton as the main raw material by wet forming process. On the basis of the traditional process, the slag removal and drying process is improved, which is characterized by non-asbestos, uniform fiber distribution, white color, no delamination, less slag balls (four times centrifugal slag removal), bulk density adjustment according to use, and high strength. (including reinforcing fiber), good elasticity and strong machinability. Due to different temperature, it is divided into four materials, standard, high aluminum, zirconium-containing ceramic fiber paper....

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Ceramic fiber paper installation points

1. Do not damage the sealing surface or sealing line of the surface. The sealing performance of the plane depends on the upper and lower end faces. The hydraulic sealing performance depends on the lip line associated with the hole or the shaft. These parts are both soft and resilient. Corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant graphite, rubber, and fiber are special materials that are easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to provide special protection during handling, installation and storage. Once damaged, it will often cause difficult to use.

2. It is not allowed to be installed forcibly. It should not be rough or barbaric during construction. The forced loading of large movements will destroy the original prefabricated structure. Such installation must be very careful and careful. The embedding must be carried out step by step. The installation should be balanced and symmetrical. After the system is opened for use, further observation and fastening work must be done to prevent unnecessary troubles during the system work.

3. "h" type ceramic fiber paper is a rigid fiber paper, which is a kind of cotton pulp prepared from standard ceramic fiber, inert filler, inorganic binder and other additives, and rigid fiber paper made by long net machine. Its excellent performance makes "h" ceramic fiber paper an ideal product to replace asbestos paperboard. "h" type ceramic fiber paper is easy to process, flexible, and has excellent high temperature compressive strength. It is an ideal sealing and lining material.

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