1260 Ceramic Fibre Board

The ceramic fiber board is an aluminum silicate fiber board, a refractory material. Even if it maintains good mechanical strength after heating, the product is rigid and has a supporting strength of fiber insulation products compared to fiber blankets and felts....

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What are the characteristics of ceramic fiberboard?

1. Ceramic fiberboard is not only relatively rigid in texture, but also has good toughness and strength, and is not easily corroded by wind. Secondly, its compressive strength is very high and its service life is very long. In addition, ceramic fiber is an environmentally friendly product, its thermal inertia is very small, so its immediacy is easy to control when heated.

2. The ceramic fiber board itself is not a brittle material, so it has good toughness, and secondly, its work size is relatively accurate, which makes it have a good flatness. The ceramic fiberboard is also very convenient to construct, easy to cut, and very fast to dry. Generally, it can be deep-dried in a few minutes, and it is very dry and well-proportioned. Its water content is very low and its quality is good.

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