1000 Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium silicate board, also known as gypsum composite board, is a multi-component material, generally composed of natural gypsum powder, white cement, glue and glass fiber. The calcium silicate board has the properties of fireproof, moisture proof, sound insulation and heat insulation. It can attract water molecules in the air when the indoor air is humid. When the air is dry, it can release water molecules, which can properly adjust the indoor dryness, humidity and comfort. ....

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1050 STD Microporous Calcium Silicate Board is a kind of white, hard new thermal insulation material, it has the performances of light weight, low thermal conductivity, bending resistance,high tensile strength,high  temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non toxic, non flammable, can be sawed, easy to processing, not corrode pipeline and equipment etc. Has been widely used as thermal insulation, heat preservation, fireproofing and sound insulation, it is the new type of hard insulation materials which  is welcomed by the departments of electric power, petroleum, chemical industry and metallurgy.


üExcellent waterproof performance

üExcellent stability

üEasy to cut and processing

üHigh strength.

üExcellent corrosion resistance

üExcellent sound insulation


üApplied for industrial pipeline, heat supply pipe network system in the fields of electric power,petroleum chemistry,metallurgy ,building and shipping etc.

üWall lining and back lining of industry furnace and heating device.

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