Bio Soluble Fibre Board

Bio Soluble Fiber Board is Degradable fiber Board.The classification temperature is 1260 and the usage temperature is 1100 degrees Celsius....

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The soluble fiber product is made of SiO2, CaO and MgO as the main components, and is refined by the world's advanced production technology, technology, unique formula and additives. The fiber has long fiber, good interlacing, remarkable heat-absorbing and sound-absorbing effect, and sufficient solubility of the fiber in human body fluid. It is a new energy-saving material that is non-polluting, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Product characteristics: 

low thermal conductivity, small heat loss 

long fiber length, good interlacing 

excellent chemical stability

good sound absorption performance

good degradability in human body fluids

Typical applications:

fireproof sound absorption for ship cabins, decks and flues

fire doors and fireproof doors in the field of building partitions

kiln furnace masonry expansion joints, furnace doors, roof insulation insulation

high temperature kiln lining full fiber structure Tiled backing, hot surface fire resistant

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