1260 Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket

1260 Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket

The soluble ceramic fiber needle-punched blanket is an alkaline earth silicate fiber developed and introduced in recent years. Because it has sufficient solubility in human body fluids, it will stay in the human body for a short period of time, and will not cause damage to human health, at least the degree of damage to human health will be minimized, so it is called soluble fiber....

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Bio Soluble Fiber Blankets are a kind of strong, lightweight, flexible insulating products manufactured by using advanced spinning technology, display very low thermal conductivity, super thermal shock resistance, low heat storage and the excellent sound absorption. This unique vitreous fiber has very high solubility in body fluids, so has no hazard classification.


üLow thermal conductivity

üLow thermal capacity

üExcellent resistance to thermal shock

üBio solubility


üBoiler insulation

üFire seal

üHeater insulation

üDomestic cooker insulation

üBuilding expansion joints

üFire production column and beam wrap


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