Aerogel Felt 6mm

Aerogel Felt 6mm

The aerogel mat is a flexible insulating felt made of nano-silica aerogel as the main material and combined with glass fiber cotton or pre-oxidized fiber mat by special process. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity, certain tensile and compressive strength, and is a new type of thermal insulation material....

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Aerogel Felt 6mm

GR06 Series Aerogel Felt is a high performance insulation blanket composed of silica aerogel, which is the lowest thermal conductor in the world, and of glassfiber needled mat, suitable for the applications between -50to +650in industry and in building & construction sector.

Being super low thermal conductive, hydrophobic yet vapor permeable, compression resistant and resilient, inorganic and inflammable profile, easy processing with reduced volume, and environmentally safe, DRT06 Series Aerogel Felt is the state-of-art product which is the perfect choice for those in need of the best insulation performance with minimum thickness while achieving minimum energy consumption.

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